Johns Hopkins: Clots KILL

I’ve been working with Johns Hopkins over the last few months to help promote awareness of blood clots, and I’m happy to share this amazing educational video with you!

Many people who are in the hospital for non-DVT related issues (cancer, surgery, anything really) often suffer blood clots. A lot of this has to do with being immobile for so long – the good thing is that most of these cases are completely preventable!

Even so, I was shocked to learn that many patients often refuse to follow doctor instructions to prevent clots — they refuse to believe that a blood clot could happen to them too, and so they refuse to take the proper medication or take other preventative measures. Trust me. It can happen to anyone!

This video is for these patients — if you or a loved one is looking at a stint in the hospital, please watch or share this video! Clots KILL, but they can also be prevented.